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Since my last update we have had some serious ups and downs, for the last 6 weeks it has been consistently down. She is back on oxygen and struggling to breathe, her right arm is swelled to 4 times the size of the left and the skin mets are spreading rapidly, it appears that the chemo has stopped working.

On Monday, November 2nd we went to see Dr. Cristofanelli at Northwestern University in Chicago and had a consult with him. He requested 3 tests to be run when we got back to Michigan, 1. A FoundationOne genomic profile test to be done on her last biopsy, 2. A Guardant360 biopsy-free tumor sequencing test that tracks tumor genomics in real-time and identifies associated treatment options, and 3. A PET Scan.

When we got home, we went to see our Dr. in Michigan to ask to get the tests run, 4 days later I had not heard anything so I went in to the Dr. office with the forms completed for the tests and only requiring the Dr. signature, thinking that was the hold up.

One of the nurses we know and respect, she has been a huge help through all of this came out to talk to me. She told me that the Dr. was hesitant to order the tests because, 1. The insurance doesn’t cover these tests and he felt the money could be better used taking care of her final wishes, 2. He doesn’t believe that the test will show us anything additional to help with treatment and 3. If the tests did point to a clinical trial, my wife is not in good enough physical condition to participate anyway.

Needless to say, by the time I left the office, they were scheduling the 3 tests to be completed as soon as possible. I will never give up on someone who would never give up on me!

The current Dr. believes that I should face the inevitable and give up, that I am fighting a losing battle. I am not sure how the rest of the world lives but I know that I have hope in Jesus Christ and as long as I have hope, I will fight and if we lose this battle, I will still have HOPE! I will have hope in knowing that we will be back together in eternity.

I’m not sure what the next update will bring, or when the next update will come, but I can promise you this, between now and then, I will love my wife as Christ loved the church and that my soul will wait for the LORD, for he is my help and my shield.

To be continued…