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The one thing I didn’t mention was that while my wife was on the chemo that seemed to help the inflammatory breast cancer grow, the cancer had started to put pressure on her lung which left her on oxygen and also put pressure on her brachial plexus which caused her arm to go completely numb and she has lost all use of the right arm.

Shortly after she lost use and feeling in her right arm, when she was getting in to bed her arm folded under her and she didn’t even realize it at first, however a bruise on each side of her hand appeared pretty quickly and we were concerned that she had really hurt it.

We had an appointment with our original oncologist a few days later and asked him to look at it and he said that it just looked like she had over extended it and broken a blood vessel. A week later we mentioned it again to one of his nurse practitioners who also said there was nothing to worry about. The next week we went back to the doctor at the University who also said that there was nothing to worry about, so we just made sure that she was careful with her hand and arm and tried to keep a brace on it.

The navelbine and xeloda seemed to be working, the skin mets were clearing up and disappearing and my wife was feeling much better. She even started to get movement in her fingers and didn’t need to be on oxygen very much anymore. This was a very positive sign and we were really happy to finally see something working.

Then last week my wife began to get very sick, she had chills, sweats, nausea and was becoming very week, she had also fallen and hurt her right shoulder and neck. I took her to the emergency room at the hospital where she has been receiving chemo.

They did blood tests, X-Ray’s and a CT scan, her sickness seemed to be coming from her blood counts being extremely low due to the chemo, the x-ray’s showed that there is something on her right shoulder which they are assuming is the spread of the cancer and while we were there they x-rayed her hand which shows she has been suffering for 5 weeks with a broken wrist.

I’m starting to understand the joke about “practicing” medicine…accept it isn’t funny

To be continued…