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So while we were searching for who we should be seeing next, I received a Facebook message from a woman who I had never met or heard of before and her name was Edie. Her message to me said, “Hi Bernie, I sent your wife the following message last Saturday and she has not responded. I was just talking to Billy D. and he told me to send you the message and you would be able to let Angil about my message.”

The message, “Hi Angil, my name is Edie, I live in Clarkston and just noticed that you live in AA and have IBC. I was diagnosed with IBC in April 2004, just celebrated my 11years cancerversary last Monday. How are you doing? Where are you in treatment? Wow, looking at your top pic on your page, the person on the far left is that Billy D? I think I know him, small world eh!??? BTW we have an IBC MI page if you’d like to join, plus I am one of the admin’s on a site called Inflammatory Breast Cancer Advocacy and Support….”

At the time of these messages my wife was so sick from the previous chemo that she had sent a question in to one of these groups and then wasn’t online again for weeks, Edie who just wanted to help noticed a person in one of my wife’s pictures that she happened to know and hunted me down, what an amazing blessing that has turned out to be.

So Edie and I talked and she told me about a Doctor in Philadelphia who specializes in inflammatory breast cancer and gave me all of his information. I contacted his office but due to insurance issues we could not get an appointment scheduled and because he works at a University they don’t take cash payments even for a consult. However his office told me to talk to Edie and try and get a hold of a woman named Valerie Fraser who is an inflammatory breast cancer survivor and is known as the Super Advocate of Breast Cancer and she could point us in the right direction.

Edie contacted Valerie for me and Valerie emailed me back within a day to tell me that she was going to be in Ann Arbor on Wednesday and would be happy to meet us for dinner to see how she could help. Valerie was a wealth of knowledge and not only helped us find an amazing doctor here in Michigan, she also talk the specialist in Philadelphia in to consulting on my wife’s case with our new doctor. Valerie even went with us to our initial consultation with our new doctor.

When we left the appointment I knew that God had brought all of this together when my wife started crying and said “that was the first doctor that didn’t make me feel like I was already dead!” and for me that was confirmation we are finally where we need to be.

Praise God for bringing Edie and Valerie in to our lives and for all of our amazing friends who have gone above and beyond to make sure we have what we need and continued support and prayers, we are blessed beyond what we deserve…

To be continued…