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I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle to drop of some Christmas baked goods, Christmas CD’s and a few good books. They are in their mid-70’s and a wonderful Christian couple that sets a good example for everyone that knows them. Uncle Jerry’s mind is starting to slip and he repeats himself a lot but I love his stories and I’ll listen to them as many times as he wants to tell them.

My Uncle heard my Aunt and me talking about God and what wonderful things he has done in our lives and Uncle Jerry seemed to have a moment of clarity and chimed in to tell us a story, it went kind of like this:

I was on a ship headed for Korea (he was a Marine) and we were all talking and acting like a bunch of tough guys, bragging about how we were going to kick some butt, no one was talking about God or faith or anything of the sort. At that point all we thought we needed was our training, our attitude and our guns.

A few hours later it was dark, we were on the deck, on the horizon we saw a storm, there were bright flashes of lighting and large booms of thunder and someone said “we are heading in to one heck of a storm!” One of the officers said, “yes we are but that’s not a storm, that’s the war, that’s where we are headed boys” according to Uncle Jerry, many men came to Christ that day and the only reason he wasn’t first in line with the Chaplain was because there were men on the ship faster than him! He laughed but somehow I know that he probably wasn’t exaggerating much.

His story made me think about how we run to Christ when there is a storm ahead of us or sometimes all around us or even some type of war as in Uncle Jerry’s story. But Jesus isn’t just a shelter from the storm, He is the Everything Everyday! Christ doesn’t want us just in our distress or our hurt; He wants to be every part of our everyday life. John 5:15 teaches us “I (Jesus Christ) am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”.

The vine and the branches are in continual relationship with each other, just as we should be in continual relationship with our Savior! Let’s start this New Year off making Christ part of our everyday life, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the mammoth to the minute, He is there through it all, give Him the Glory for the good and let Him carry the burden in the bad!