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Anger, rage, pornography, alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, affairs, and other destructive behaviors that we try to “deal with” and “fix” in our lives are not really “THE” problem at all, all of these things are simply symptoms. Symptoms of a much larger issue, a heart issue, a separation from God issue.

When we try to live our lives without God at the center, when we try to fill that gnawing void with other things, things that were never meant to fill us up, things that simply can’t fill us up, we fail. We fall in to that pit of despair and of hopelessness, and that is right where Satan wants us and right where he hopes to keep us.

That’s where a Men’s Ministry like Edge Venture comes in, this is not some sort of cult, magical solution or weird religious sect. It is simply a Men’s Christian Ministry that hosts 4 to 5 Experiential Weekend Retreats a year. These retreats are staffed by men who have gone before you, fought their battle, have been called in to Authentic Christian Manhood and simply want to give back to the ministry that helped them find healing.

The weekend is bathed in prayer and is designed to help you knock down those barriers, strip off the mask, loosen the ties that bind and help you to reconnect or in some cases, for the first time, truly connect with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. True healing only comes from the Lord!

Looking into our own heart can be a very scary and dark experience, but on a weekend retreat like Edge Venture, you have brothers who have faced their own giants and won, who come along side of you so you’re not facing that darkness alone. Edge Venture is one of the safest places on earth for me, I know that on these weekends I am surrounded by brothers who have my back, will support me and who will lift me up in prayer.

There is no “silver bullet” for everything that every man is dealing with, but on an Edge Venture weekend, you will be given a God centered safe environment, a Biblically based set of tools, a group of strong Christian brothers and the opportunity to face the giant that has kept you from living from the heart that Jesus has given you. I hope that much like David did in 1 Samuel 17:48 you will run toward this battle and when the battle is won and you have tasted victory, you will share in the celebration with nearly 60 new brothers in Christ! I hope you’ll check out www.edgeventure.net